What a Great Resource for Science Trainees

What a great resource for science trainees who have not yet chosen a research field, or whose preliminary choices can still be altered or refined! The teaching of science tends to focus on nuance and technique; it’s an appropriate method of teaching science, Magnetic toys an imperfect one, in that big-picture insight is all too rarely encountered during scientific training.

We at Next Wave have done magnets for sale part, selecting several exceptional early-career scientists in a range of fields and career stages, and told their stories. We’ve maintained magnets for sale usual career focus while including a bit more science than usual, in keeping with this special issue’s research focus.

This is one for the ages folks. Savor it.

– posted by Jim

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27 JUNE 2005
Things May Be Even Worse Than We Thought

I received an email this morning alerting me that a veteran chemist of my acquaintance, just lost his research grant. Despite being a productive scientist for more than 20 years and funded by NSF by more than a decade, his re strong Neodymium magnets al proposal did not make the cut. There were, he says, no criticisms that could be addressed in a resubmition, no reason for the rejection except insufficient funds. NSF’s current budget, apparently, is inadequate to fund more than a small fraction of all the meritorious proposals. The funding rate for that round, reportedly, was somewhere between five and ten percent.

My acquaintance is considering early retirement…not a bad outcome for Next Wave’s readership, perhaps, since Neodymium bar magnets young scientist will fill that position if he decides to retire. Magnetic toys how will his replacement finance his or her research?

Heard any other NSF horror stories? The GrantDoctor is considering this as a subject for his next column. Please send y magnets for sale stories–or y magnets for sale advisors stories, or the stories of someone you know or have heard about–to the GrantDoctor.

– posted by Jim

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26 JUNE 2005
Off-Shoring and Layoffs Down on the Pharm

It was Neodymium a matter of time before big pharma joined the off-shoring trend. Fortunately, chemists and others with drug-development aspirations can rest easy, for now. Not so those hoping to do information technology work.

samarium cobalt magnets week Pfizer announced plans to send an undisclosed number of IT jobs to Indian vendors Infosys Technologies and Satyam Computers over the next 3 years. In an internal memo titled “Evaluating options: Moving IT services to low cost locations,” Pfizer officials said the move to outsource Neodymium bar magnets of the computer and technology-related services would be done at a “carefully planned pace.”

Meanwhile, in a development likely to be welcomed by primary-care physicians Magnetic toys not by scientists seeking sales jobs, big pharma continued to shed such jobs, with Wyeth announcing plans to lay off about 750 pharaceutical salespeople immediately. Successful pharmaceutical sales reps earn in excess of $150,000 annually, though the work–hauling sample cases into the offices of physicians who would rather not see you–isn’t glamorous.

Though the layoffs represent just a small fraction of Wyeth’s global sales force of about 12,000 (5,000 in the U.S.), all 750 layoffs will come from Wyeth’s primary-care sales division, which employs Neodymium about 2500.

According to reports, these layoffs represent a change of strategy, one that is being seen across the industry. The ranks of pharma sales reps have expanded rapidly in recent years, reportedly exceeding 100,000 in the U.S. alone, as Wyeth, Glaxo, and Pfizer engaged in what Glaxo chief executive Jean-Pierre Garnier described as an “arms race,” hiring more and more salespeople to fill physicians offices with more free samples than the other guy. Both Pfizer and Glaxo announced reductions in their sales forces earlier this year.

This item is based on reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer, ExpressIndia.com, and the Financial Times.

– posted by Jim

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24 JUNE 2005
Physics Knows No Borders

CAM2005: “PHYSICS KNOWS NO BORDERS,” is a unique student-organized conference for graduate students from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Jointly sponsored by the Canadian Association of Physicists, the American Physical Society, and the Sociedad Mexicana de Física, CAM2005, will introduce graduate students to recent findings in the subfields of physics and address areas of particular concern to graduate students. In addition, CAM2005 seeks to promote international collaboration among physicists throughout North America, and to develop an appreciation for the different research and educational experiences among graduate students. Coinciding with the World Year of Physics, CAM2005 will be held from 19 –21 August 2005, in San Diego, California, at the Horton Grand Hotel.

Travel supplements are available for U.S. graduate students. The deadline for supplementary travel fund requests is 15 July 2005. Physics departments are encouraged to provide additional support to help their graduate students attend CAM2005. The registration deadline is 1 August 2005.

Visit the CAM2005 web site, http://cam2005.ps.uci.edu, for more information.

– posted by Jim

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24 JUNE 2005
The Recovery Continues

Though there’s no precise connection between jobs in science and other technology jobs, the health of the tech-jobs sector tends to be indicative of the strength of the higher end of the employment market generally, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

According to the tech-focused Website ZDNet, east coast (U.S.) tech-job listings on the tech-focused Website Dice.com are making a nice comeback. From the beginning of 2005 until 1 June, job postings on the site rose 26 percent overall, with increases of 41 percent in the Philadelphia area, 38 percent in the strong Neodymium magnets York region, and 36 percent for Boston and its suburbs.

– posted by Jim

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23 JUNE 2005
A Man (and a Woman) Needs a Maid
I was thinking that maybe I’d get a maid
Find a place nearby for her to stay.
Just someone to keep my house clean,
Fix my meals and go away.

– “A Man Needs a Maid” from the album “Harvest,”
With apologies to Neil Young: Reuters reports the results of a UK study that shows that men with wives at home earn more than single men… Magnetic toys that this difference vanishes when those wives work. It was already well known that married men earn more; this study establishes the reason for that differential: stay-at-home wives.

The differential is a mere 3%, so, no, it probably doesn’t make financial sense for you married women to quit y magnets for sale jobs, even if you wanted to, which you probably don’t.

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