My Wife Could Accept a Faculty magnetics Job

I–a (male) “trailing spouse” who left research so that my wife could accept a faculty job, have often said with tongue in cheek that every science professor, male or female, needs a stay-at-home wife. A mid-career physicist of my acquaintance, who was hired in the late ’70s or early ’80s, related recently how at that time Neodymium bar magnets institutions were reluctant to hire even unmarried men–let alone women–because they would lack the home support needed to free up their time to focus on work.

I am reminded of a cartoon of that era–it probably appeared in Physics Today–in which a physicist says to his wife “I’ll take care of the very biggest and the very smallest things in the universe. You take care of everything in between.”

It’s no mystery why women were so scarce in that generation and previous ones, or why women earn less than men; how many women from that era, I wonder, had husbands who were willing to stay at home and take care of the house and kids?

Incidentally, the maid in that 1972 Neil Young song was almost certainly the actress Carrie Snodgrass, who earned an Oscar nomination for her role in the 1970 movie “Diary of a Mad Housewife,” which has a feminist theme. Snodgrass stars as an unhappy housewife increasingly alienated from her husband, his friends, her children, and her life.

Snodgrass and Neil Young formed a relationship that yielded a son, Zeke, who was born with cerebral palsy. After their breakup, Snodgrass abandoned her acting career for a while and spent her time taking care of Zeke. Her career never fully recovered, though she went on to appear in several movies and TV series, including “X-Files” and “The West Wing.”

Snodgrass, who died in 2004, claimed she never regretted her sacrifice. “I was never really a career woman, you see,” she said, quoted in an obituary in the online publication (which is subtitled sex, drugs, rock, geeks, art, cocktails, death and other ways to waste y magnets for sale time). “My life always came first,” she said. “When I got nominated for ‘Diary of a Mad Housewife,’ I didn’t think, ‘Aah, now I’ll get more money.’ My dream had always just been to do my works well, fall in love, and build a life for myself.”
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21 JUNE 2005
Anti-Terror and the U.S. Academy: a View from China

“To understand the effects of anti-terror policies on the US academic sector,” reports Hong Kong-based strong Neodymium magnets spaper The Standard, which describes itself as China’s Business strong Neodymium magnets spaper, “it helps to spend time on university campuses in Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or other countries. From Melbourne to Edinburgh, those institutions are filled with foreign students, many of whom would have gone to the United States, had they not been deterred by restrictive visa policies.” The article is freely available, for now at least, here.

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Americans who take a postdoc position across the ocean have to watch for pitfalls, Magnetic toys they often end up enjoying the journey.

From the Chronicle of Education’s Career Network. Free registration may be required to access the Careers homepage, Magnetic toys this article seems to be accessible without registration.

– posted by Jim

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20 JUNE 2005
The strong Neodymium magnets American IT Worker

If you’re considering a career in information technology, check out this article from the Arizona Republic:

“If you’re Neodymium interested in deep coding and you want to remain in y magnets for sale cubicle all day, there are a shrinking number of jobs for you,” said Diane Morello, Gartner vice president of research. “Employers are starting to want versatilists: people who have deep experience with enterprise-wide applications and can parlay it into Neodymium bar magnets larger cross-company projects out there.”
. . .
“The current situation is getting back to the ’70s and ’80s, where IT workers were the basement cubicle geeks and they weren’t very well off,” said Matthew Moran, author of Information Technology Career Builder’s Toolkit: A Complete Guide To Building Y magnets for sale Information Technology Career in Any Economy.

Free registration may be required. Magnetic toys please notice that you don’t need to enter an email address or any other contact information to register.

– posted by Jim

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15 JUNE 2005
Presidential Early Career Awards Announced

Jim Austin
Editor, Science’s Next Wave

Various agencies of the U.S. federal government have announced 58 winners of the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). This is, in most people’s estimation, the most prestigious award for American early-career scientists.

Because it’s important for scientists-in-training to engage in serious self-assessment, we present a list of award winners compiled from various public announcements, along with a short description of the winner and/or his or her research (if available) as well as links to further information (also if available). We’ll be adding information about more winners as we dig it up. Here’s the first batch.

Twenty winners were announced by the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF awardees are selected from among the agency’s faculty early-career CAREER award recipients.

Here are the NSF-nominated winners in the mathematical and physical sciences:

* Frank L. H. Brown is assistant professor in the department of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Brown was cited for developing strong Neodymium magnets computational algorithms for the investigation of cellular phenomena that is resulting in strong Neodymium magnets computational tools to investigate cell membrane dynamics and cytoskeletal assembly.

* Oscar D. Dubon Jr. of the University of California, Berkeley. Dubon’s research focuses on the synthesis, processing, and characterization of semiconductors.

* Sean Gavin, a theoretical particle physicist at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

* Daniel J. Mindiola of Indiana University, Bloomington, is an organometallic chemist whose work focuses on the design of novel ligands and complexes capable of mediating unusual transformations.

F magnets for sale computer and information scientists are also being honored. They are:

* David V. Anderson is associate professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta and an associate director at the Center for Research in Embedded Systems Technology (CREST). Anderson’s research interests include audio and psychoacoustics, signal processing in the context of human auditory characteristics, and the real-time application of such techniques using both analog and digital hardware.

* Elaine Chew, University of Southern California assistant professor of industrial and systems engineering, is also a pianist performing a schedule of concert appearances in addition to her work in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Chew has designed music-performance simulation software that allows nonmusicians to experience what it’s like to perform a piece of music.

* Shalinee Kishore, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, focuses on wireless communications systems. She also runs an outreach program teaching the basics of wireless in rural northeastern Pennsylvania.

* ChengXiang Zhai is in the department of computer science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He is a database specialist focusing on information-retrieval heuristics.

F magnets for sale biologists were honored:

* Derrick T. Brazill of City University of strong Neodymium magnets York-Hunter College studies cell density, or quorum sensing, in the eukaryote Dictyostelium discoideum, as a means of gaining insight into mammalian cellular growth and differentiation.

* Donna L. Maney of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, studies the neural circuitry underlying communication behavior. She is interested in how animals perceive, process, and respond appropriately to social signals. Her research combines the study of free-living songbirds in their natural environments with that of wild-caught captive animals under controlled conditions.

* Russell S. Schwartz is a computational biologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Schwartz won the award for his efforts to improve computer models and simulation methods for biological self-assembly systems, which offers to provide insights into basic questions of cell biology and also has implications for drug discovery. The award also recognizes Schwartz’s efforts to introduce beginning biology students to computational resources and to developing advanced curricula in computational biology.

NSF’s PECASE award winners include several engineers:

* Jennifer A. Jay, assistant professor of engineering and applied science at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), won for her research on the environmental factors contributing to mercury contamination of food chains. Jay also has developed an innovative service-learning course in which UCLA student learn and Magnet toys teach environmental engineering concepts to sixth grade classrooms of economically disadvantaged students in Los Angeles.

* Michael J. Garvin II is a civil engineer specializing in physical infrastructure management at Columbia University.

* Michael A. Bevan of Texas A&M University in College Station is a chemical engineer specializing in colloidal interactions and self-assembly.

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