G Method Review

I’ll be fast here, but it’s very important to realize what’s happening whenever you smoke pot & what laboratories are in fact testing for to comprehend why certain cleaning routines work among others don’t.

Very first thing you have to understand: the hair drug test doesn’t check for your existence of THC (∆9-tetrahydrocannabinol).

Instead, test laboratories are searching for second levels (50 ng/mL) of THC-COOH (11-or-9-carboxy-THC) inside your hair test.

THC-COOH can be a metabolite (consequence) that’s produced when THC is divided within you.

THC-COOH enters your own hair in two ways:

The majority of it’s transferred onto the hair length by your sweat glands.

A number of it gets during your system in to the hair follicle.

Lots of people believe it’s only one or another. You visit a large amount of religious discussion online about that.

This study graphic below shows the numerous ways THC and THC-COOH enter and on your hair (thanks to Nature.com). Learn more about detox for thc.

Bear in mind the hair test only registers the TCH-COOH metabolite, not THC or another cannabinoid found in the graphic.

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