The fastest ways to burn chest fat and remove man boobs

We all have something that bothers us on our body, and we want to change that. Usually, women are not satisfied with the way they legs look, sometimes lifting buttocks is what they want, and back of the arms also may cause disatisfaction. When it comes to men, the main problem is belly fat, and biceps workout is also inevitable.

However, there is a ‘problematic body area’ that most men are ashamed of, and this is something guys have been constantly asking me for.

Chest fat is known as man boobs.

This article will exemplify the reasons that stand behind this issue and reveal the ways how to burn chest fat effectively and make man boobs disaapear.

Triggers for man boobs

Three things are responsible for man having female boobs rather than well-shaped chests

Gynaecomastia is a formal name for ”man boobs”, and it differs from chest fat. Breast tissue is the main cause of this condition.Also, unbalanced hormone levels, especially testosterone and estrogen can be blamed. The condition appears at puberty or middle age. That is why teenagers and middle-aged men are usually affected by it. Using steroids and its after reactions can be another trigger for More than 30% of men are affected by the condition. If we talk about intensity, it can be mild (”swollen nipples”), and severe (takes a shape of female breasts).

 High Body Mass Index (BMI)

 If you put on some weight, and your body stores fat, blame it on genetics. Basically, your parents are responsible if your body stores fat, which further on, for some men may cause chest fat. However, putting on a lot of weight may lead to unbalanced function in your body, which in the end result in chest fat. Therefore, keeping an optimal body mass should definitely be something you aspire to.


Gynaecomastia and High BMI combined will only contribute even more to you having boobs.

And now guys, when I have explained factors that may lead to this issue, let me now propose ways how to get rid of this problem.

First of all, I will tell you what is not effective.

Weightlifting could help, but it is far from solution

The first thing that most men would have on their mind is that they need to start workout in order to get rid of chest fat. Chest exercise and push ups are all ineffective and here is why.

Create a muscle from chest fat

A miracle that you will turn your chest fat into well-shaped muscle just won’t happen. Turning fat into muscle is impossible.

Trying to change the shape is mission impossible

Also, there is a belief that weightlifting can help you shape your chest. However, this is not truth. The shape of a muscle cannot be changed. There are two things you can do with muscles, build or lose muscle.

Reducing man boobs while focussing on muscles

There is a belief that forming muscles can somehow help you in removing or completely replacing your man boobs and make ti look prettier. Well, this is partially truth. Doing some exercise will definitely make your fat look less flabby. However, it won’t do you anything good, since the fat is on the surface of any muscle. Therefore, you may increase muscle growth, unfortunately, it won’t make the fat disappear.

There is no such thing as spot reduction

Chest exercise will not help you burn your chest fat. Spot reduction is a belief that you can lose fat on some parts of your body by doing exercises created for that certain part. What you need to know is that exercises affect muscles, and they cannot help you get rid of fat.

Let us now see what is useful for losing chest fat and man boobs

Actual Solutions

 If you suffer from gynaecomastia..

The only possible solution to this issue is surgery. Exercise cannot help you with this one. Many men accept to remove breast enlargement by medical operation, and it has been proved to be an effective method. Make sure you have enough money, since it may cost a few thousand dollars, unless there is health insurance coverage. If it really annoys you to have gynaecomastia, then a surgery is certainly the best option.

If you are overweight …

 You cannot make gynaecomastia disappear by exercising, but what you can do is to burn chest fat. If you are overweight and this lead to having man boobs, then burning fat is the right thing to do. And yes, that is what people do when they want to get rid of excess fat. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can definitely help you in losing fat from the problematic areas, such as chest.

Of course, this only works for those with high BMI. And now you probably wonder..

What should I eat and what kind of physical activity can be useful for me to solve the problem?

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