Choosing the Right Lawn Mower

How big your garden is just a element in selecting a push mower that is correct foryou, but also consider hills and limitations, for example trees and flowerbeds. If your garden is bigger than 1/2 acre, you may wish to consider selecting a riding mower. Have a look at Lowe’s Riding Mower Buying Guide to determine what is available.

Gasoline mowers are the ideal choice for bigger meters as much as 1/2 acre in dimensions. A gas mower offers more energy than a power mower and does not have the limitation of the battery charge or cord. Many turn having a pull-start, however many feature a power starter that removes the requirement to make use of the pull cord. Gasoline mowers require the best gas — follow the maker’s needs and study Pushing Power Equipment for tips about maintaining your machine running properly.

Although conventional push mowers could be a great option for yards as much as 1/3 acre, when you have a bigger lawn, hilly landscape or wish to cut with less work, think about a self propelled mower. There are three types to select from:

Top-wheel drive (FWD) mowers are advantageous to level ground. Because the drive wheels have been in front, they permit you to tip-up and change the mower easier than various other travel systems. Choosing the best mowers has never been easy.

Rear-wheel drive (RWD) offers more grip in the middle of the mower, assisting you cut hilly terrain easier. Some versions permit you to disengage the travel system, providing you with the turning capability of the FWD model.

All-wheel drive (AWD) versions give capacity to all four wheels, providing you with advantages in both degree and hilly yards.

Once you have selected the kind of mower that best matches your garden, search for functions and choices which make the job more effective:

Voltage (V) on the cordless mower and amperage (amps) on the corded mower both show power output. Larger dimensions mean more power.

A double-battery system on the cordless mower runs the cutting time.

Motor torque measures — in foot pounds (ft-pounds) — the pressure that maintains the mower blades spinning. Greater torque provides a better cut-in high or thick grass.

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